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Thread: Need Some Help in Creating a Database

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    Hey guys,

    Looking for a little helping relating to "databases".

    I have some information that I would like to make a database out of.

    The information is basically business listings such as the following

    Business Name: XYZ Canada Ltd
    Business Industry: Manufacturing
    Business Contact#: 1-514-XXX-XXXX

    I have about 2000 records in total.

    How could I create a database with this? Where should I start and using what?

    Any help is appreciated.


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    If it is in a text file format, it is easy to read and write into a MySQL database table using MySQL or PHP.

    Are there just three columns of data?

    Is it in a CSV format? It needs to be in a standard format.

    One possible solution:

    Modwest FAQ and Knowledge Base - How do I import delimited data into MySQL?
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    The data is actually on a website now. The business listings are on my "mining" related site in my sig. An example of a listing would be this.

    In this case, would I need to enter each record manually?

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    Is the page connected to a sql database or have you manually entered the directory information to each page?

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    I've entered the information manually.

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