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Thread: Admin side of phpld directory is blank page

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    Admin side of phpld directory is blank page

    So, what in the world?
    My admin side of my phpld directory, using the free script, comes up blank.

    Already deleted the admin files and reuploaded.

    Thinking now, delete everything and start all over.

    Unless someone has a better idea.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by iowadawg View Post

    Thinking now, delete everything and start all over.
    Had this in the past and this was the only way to fix it, yet you can keep your database and even download all the files before deleting.
    In the end you upload them 1 by 1 to find the culprit.

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    Damn. Wiped it out and started fresh.
    And nothing shows now!
    Just a pure snow white page.
    That is the main directory page and the admin side.

    Back to the freaking drawing board.

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    Well, since the domain expires soon, I said the heck with it!

  5. Usually you can find hints regarding what causes whitescreen errors by viewing your Apache virtual host error log.
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