The stuff that gets submitted to Local directories is so astoundingly lame one has to wonder how many drooling idiots are trying to pass themselves off as SEOs.

In a directory where it is obvious by looking at the exi
sting listings that a certain amount of detail is allowed and even encouraged... Why would you leave "Products and Services" blank? How exactly do you have a business without either products OR services?

Better yet... why would you submit a descrip in "About Us" that says "Locally owned!" Seriously?

Aside from being too short AND bereft of any appropriate and necessary keywords... what the heck do you need an exclamation mark for? Is being locally owned so astonishing one must shout it? Are ALL others owned by China or Iran? And is that the only thing we should know about you... as opposed to letting us know if you're a CPA or a taxi-driver?

Frankly anyone that has a brain can write an entire directory of descriptions without a single exclamation mark. They're generally a sign you're dealing with an idiot.

Yes, I'm cranky. Been working on a Local dir. Some of these submissions are just so sad.

[The highly trained professional who wrote most of what I saw today.]