Some of you are aware I work with editors over at BOTW. In the past they also had a program for volunteers to edit at their blog directory... basically like Dmoz, Wickipedia, et al... a cool way for the OCD among us to bring order to chaos and categorize a little corner of the web.

Before working for BOTW, I volunteered at Dmoz for 8 1/2 years. I'm not new to the concept, nor suggesting anyone do anything I havent done. Executed correctly it's pretty fun and very educational, and not a bad form of networking either.

This program had gone pretty much dormant of late, so I just pretty much cleared the decks, built em a new fora, and started over.

This effectively puts those we approve now in a charter member spot... not dissimilar to being one of the first eds at dmoz. This is a good opportunity, especially for those that'd like to see how a top-notch directory functions.

FTR - It probably doesn't look bad on a resume either. Most of us in this industry waste a lot of time on the web, being seen giving time in a visible volunteer capacity isnt a bad thing.

Needless to say such volunteer programs have some fringe benefits in that they also allow those participating to ensure that their own qualified sites get included in those directories, but at least in the case of the BOTW Blog Dir the cost is already low enough that it isnt prohibitive for a serious webmaster. That said, if you have sites that qualify, if you don't add them it's your fault, not ours. We just ask that you add other quality sites as well.

Don't join JUST to add your own of course, as it is unnecessary. We have a freebie review queue, and the express queue isnt expensive enough to warrant a ruse either... so it'd be a waste of your time and mine.
Important Safety Tip: If someone appears to be present ONLY to add their own sites or tries to become their own discount "paid review" queue... their login will be summarily executed and the big UNDO button comes into play. There's a reason I'm starting my search in forums populated by a lot of "the good guys".

One Other Potential Benefit

Prior to this I've mostly relied on folks I knew from Dmoz when filling holes in the contract editor (ie - paid) ranks for BOTW's Main directory. I had a great opportunity when I got involved with BOTW, and I shared it by bringing over a sampling of Dmoz best and brightest when I started.

My hope is to build this volunteer program in the BLOG Directory and grow our own editors... then plug holes in the paid ed ranks with the stars we find on our own.

My primary need right now is some active forum participant types from the start to help build a community in there, and you guys are a good bet for that. A live forum is the heart of a volunteer operation.


Go to the BOTW Blog Directory, click on a category of interest, then hit the "Become a BOTW editor" button, the app is simple. It goes to several staffers, but I'm the one that generally handles the queue, so I'd say you have a fair chance of approval provided the app is filled out correctly. The app process is pretty simple, takes a few minutes.

Note that BOTW is an English only directory. Not a slight to those that speak other languages, we just don't have staff versed in a lot of other languages yet. As such, a mastery of the English language is required (even though in the forums you can't always tell I fit that criteria either).

When I get an opportunity, my first thought is to share it with friends. Hope to have some folks from NetBuilders aboard.

~ robj

Added: Good idea to mention seeing this at NetBuilders on your app and using (or referencing) your NetBuilders handle.