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Thread: PHPLD 4.0 Released

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    PHPLD 4.0 Released

    Great news!

    Check the official PR here:

    phpLD 4.0 Released : PHP Link Directory Script

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    This is very good, because I'm just now in the planning stages of a new directory.
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    New features are kind of weak though if you ask me.

    The only big thing is widgets and Im guessing most people dont even need them.
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    I have recently purchased PHPLD 4.0. Lots of good features. My Premium Web Directory ( ) is using the same
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  6. I think I will not update right now and looking forward to see some more benefits before moving to this version .

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    ahh just in time I'm about to start a new directory, are PHPLD previous versions templates compatible with this new version?

  8. the major good thing is that it has widgets, and some pretty good ones,

    in totality nothing much difference, but a major step in the right direction,
    to which previously, all modding would resort to editing core files,.... now its just upload and youll have what u want!

    just needs some more power,... perhaps in the next release.


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    I have already done my updates, looks the same. Well, the widget features are new

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