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Thread: is it possible

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    is it possible

    I often hear people saying that they submit your article manually to 2000 directories for less than 50$. I wonder how they do that. Whats your opinion guys

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    I haven't bought it but im sure you probably can I don't see why not. Remember they probably live somewhere in the world where $50 is quite a lot of money.

  3. $50 is way too low for 2k directories. you probably can get that if the provider is giving away for reviews.

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    Submitting article manually to 2000 directories is not impossible I think. But I wonder if anybuddy can effort this task for <= $50 .

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    blackhat method for sure, dont pay for these things they will get you banned

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    yup I feel the same..even if 50$ is a big amount in a particular location..submitting to 2000 directories manually requires lot of patience...I guess these people use tools ..but they say they do it manually

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    I would be skeptical. Personally, I do directory submission manually and can reach a lot as long as I stretch out my submissions to X amount each day or week.

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    I think that is the low money for so much directories.... I use roboform for submitting but after 100 directories, I get bored...

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    No one will do such a huge submission for a low price. They must be certainly using automated tools. Saying MANUALLY is just the latest trend

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    I am doing Manually directory or Article submission. but i dont have 2000 directory submission list. i am searching on internet maximum 1300 Article directory.

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