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Thread: PR3 SEO niche Web directory

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    Talking PR3 SEO niche Web directory

    Hi Friends,
    Found a nice free PR3 seo niche web directory today,
    Its targeted towards only seo related sites/blogs and provides a great relevant link to the sites submitted. Take advantage of it to the fullest.
    It also accepts articles.
    Here is the link for you

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    Unfortunately that link is not working.

  3. Not working

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    Hi there,
    Provided link is not working properly.

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    What a waste!
    You come in here and post crap just to up your post count!

    Did it ever occur to you to read the freaking thread?
    And find out that the link given is dead?

    Your post has nothing of value!

  6. Ok, thanks for share your site list to SEO optimization. I will try and see the result for that.

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    Hii...this link is not working.

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    Check the date of the OP first, and the date of the last entry first, before fluffing up an OLD thread!

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