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Thread: Request for Directory Assistance

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    Request for Directory Assistance

    So.....I was all excited...thought I had shifted one of my directories to a new server with no incidents...then, after the shift, I'm getting the following errors:
    When you submit a website link:
    Smarty error: validate: validator id 'v_LINK_TYPE' is not registered. in /home/watchmen/public_html/
    appears about 10 times

    - No Captcha Image Appears
    - The Admin Content Management Panel will not load

    Any ideas? Its running v 2.x of PHP LinkDirectory (the free one). When you google the error each forum post I found matching (going back to 2004) stopped the discussion before showing a "Hey this file got jacked here, there, etc).

    Any help is appreciated since my next step is to reload a virgin load and then suck in the database of sites again...

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    Ok...I figured since it was way too quiet on my RFA, that I would wuss out and buy the paid version for $30 USD of PHP Directory....
    I should have done that as soon as I bought the directories earlier this year! It's like having Wordpress for directories, SEO functionality, I was able to clean out a lot of the junk links that I inherited in like 20 minutes, etc. Still more options to play with, and I have no idea what to do with the article submission feature built into the new version (I left active if you have an urge).
    Anyway, is now on the modern version of the directory script if you're bored...
    I still am curious on the above issue with the legace script if anyone knows the answer!

  3. phpLD2.x's lack of anti-spam protection makes it unusable.

    Congratulations on upgrading. Don't look back.
    Submit Your Webmaster Related Sites to the NB Directory
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