So.....I was all excited...thought I had shifted one of my directories to a new server with no incidents...then, after the shift, I'm getting the following errors:
When you submit a website link:
Smarty error: validate: validator id 'v_LINK_TYPE' is not registered. in /home/watchmen/public_html/linkease.info/libs/smarty/Smarty.class.php
appears about 10 times

- No Captcha Image Appears
- The Admin Content Management Panel will not load

Any ideas? Its running v 2.x of PHP LinkDirectory (the free one). When you google the error each forum post I found matching (going back to 2004) stopped the discussion before showing a "Hey this file got jacked here, there, etc).

Any help is appreciated since my next step is to reload a virgin load and then suck in the database of sites again...