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Thread: Best Directory Submission Software?

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    Check out this site...
    Link Directory Submitter
    You can now add your own directories in to the software...
    Also you can exchange... Custom Directory Databases....with members.
    of the www site..

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    I have tried Incansoft's Directory Submitter, pretty slick interface but the software in itself isn't as effective as is required.

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    What's the best fully automated directory submission software?

    I need your recommendations for a good, fully-automated, directory submission software.

    I've been looking around and can't find anything that looks reliable.

    An important criteria is that it is updated frequently and the list of directories is maintained by the programmer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brownmoore View Post
    Why not to use manual submission? I think it is more effective, although it can be time consuming.
    I think you answered your own question there: "it can be time consuming"

  5. I think you answered your own question there: "it can be time consuming"
    The best fully-automated way to do it is to outsource it to someone who will actually do the work for you.
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    I'm quite aware that I can do it manually and that I can outsource it to someone that can do it manually.

    I started this thread because I'm looking for a software recommendation.

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    Maybe this is what your looking for Fast Directory Submitter | One Way Link Building Software
    I have been using it for few days and works good. They have free trial version too.

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    Got to love people who say to outsource directory submissions to others.
    When those others, a good portion of them, use software!

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    I don’t think there is software that can fit every need. However, without some form of software directory submission would be unbearable.

    You can check out They have directory submission software that isn’t bad and doesn’t cost a lot. It allows you to do fully automated submission or semi-automated.

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