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    Link directory works because I have have one directory.

    It increases traffic and add visibility. More revenue too$$$ Website of the Year
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    Just Adding my 2 cents here
    I feel it is high time we started realizing that the Directory Submissions have lost their worth. From being the number one strategy in most SEO plans, now they remain only a tactic. I don't underestimate their worth but the truth is that their actual worth has reduced manifolds.
    Instead of submitting your homepage to 1000's of directories with no guarantee of them being approved its better to focus on something that will be more worth your money.
    I am talking about submitting your site to article directories via text links in the Resource box and some directories even allow text links in the article body itself. Next step must be submission of the site or the link to that article on many do follow social bookmarking sites. This will help you drive in quality traffic from the social sites.. Reason, thousands of people visit these social sites daily. Another better step would be video marketing for your site on youtube and similar sites.
    If possible find a writer who knows the intricacies of SEO writing, offer him/her a good pay to keep them long term, as SEO content will put your site on the first few pages of google for the targetted keywords in just a few hours.
    And its not a hidden fact that if you really are looking for traffic and sales then there is no better way to come up in google search...
    Though, only harm, this kind SEO for your site will not be as cheap as directory submission but their is a guarantee to a certain level that if done properly then you will receive trafiic instantly and the sales will definitely go up.

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