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Thread: Directory Submission Description

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    Ignore keyword stuffing in descriptions. They are just simply for describing your site best in a directory. Focusing on titles with keywords will do great in DS.

  2. whenever talking of using keywords, please careful about two basic things - relevant and proper keyword density. The description should be always specific to that link and keywords should not be stuffed.

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    Don't keyword stuff descriptions. I wrote a quick guide on description (and how to spot bad ones from a directory owners perspective) in our web directory FAQ at Info Vilesilencer.

    The description should be a concise, unbiased and 3rd party perspective describing the listed website and what it has to offer. It should consist of 1 or 2 complete sentences (or longer in some cases).

    Quote Originally Posted by example of good description
    Offers bed and breakfast accommodation and serviced apartments located in Safdarjung Enclave and Green Park. Ten luxurious, furnished, clean, air-conditioned rooms with en-suite bathrooms are available with modern amenities.
    Quote Originally Posted by example of bad description
    Guest house delhi, b&b new delhi, delhi guest house, guest house new delhi, guest house in delhi, delhi bed and breakfast, bed & breakfast delhi, bed breakfast delhi, bed breakfast new delhi, bed & breakfast new delhi, new delhi bed breakfast, delhi bed breakfast, bed and breakfast new delhi, delhi b&b, b&b delhi, delhi inn
    The description in the bottom example is poor because it does not provide any detailed explanation into what the website/business has to offer, it merely repeats "bed and breakfast" keywords and "delhi" keywords over and over - this is spam, plain and simple, and just one listing like this can not only turn a good directory into a link farm really quickly, it also highlights that your own website is a source of spam. Don't do it. Ever.

    These are real examples taken from a submitted site. I wrote the good description example myself to show how easy it is to come up with something unique in a couple of sentences. What you would then do is vary that description multiple times, to allow you to not only talk more about your business (what else it has to offer), but to also avoid over-duplicating.

    Steer clear of trying to create product lists of what you have to offer. That quickly becomes a keyword stuffing exercise. Avoid doing it. Also never ever use the phrase "and much more..." it's the worst marketing phrase in the book, everyone uses it, and it says nothing.

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    The description must contain your website's product and services offers along with your targeted keyword, and it will be recognized by the search engine on what is your site all about .

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    I don't think that keyword stuffing is even worth the work, is it? Shouldn't you make listings readable to those that are looking for your service? Doesn't Google rank you for 'English' (Or pick a language of your choice.), not how many times you can write Industrial Packers and Craters in the smallest possible space.

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    I was editing in a local directory today and routinely trashing a lot with descrips. There are good SEOs out there, and the ones that either will not or dont know how to write a descrip are not a bargain at ANY price.
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