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Thread: Directory Submissions -- Results?

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    It still isn't that effective for me, but I won't give up...

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    It depends of quality of the directory. I have a lot accepted submittions but Google only indexed a few. By the way, all backlinks are dofollow.

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    Directory submission has a weak effect on SEO at best. Still, I couldn't do without it. I use it in the early stages of SEO. As 5starpix said, niche directories are better but general ones are OK, too. Then, I focus more on quality 2-way and 3-way link trades. It's just a matter of e-mailing webmasters and using the forum marketplace. I also like finding review sites who will give an honest analysis of my site.

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    Google doesn't show all back links. I have at least 20 approved links in directories, but Google shows only 3 of them...

  5. Directory submission is now become old SEO practice. Search engines already flaged on this type of SEO. Only few directories are useful like that. It it surprise that still people & SEO companies are submitting their sites to 100's even 1000's directories, that's only spam.

  6. yes. its old way. but it still works. i tend to submit my sites to the directories with higher pr though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by devexpertseo View Post
    Directory submission is easy but first submit your site in world largest directory i.e Dmoz.
    Dmoz is dead.

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    I think it's not dead, but it takes too much time your link to be accepted...

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    Directory submissions can help your site to achieve high ranking to some extent. Google will hardly show you 2/3 directories as your backlinks after you submit in so many places. For generating traffic I think we should not compare it with submission in social bookmarking or networking sites. They're much more helpful for getting target traffic to your site.

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    If you are submit your site only high pr directories like dmoz, best directory etc.

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