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Thread: Directory Submissions -- Results?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by SamK View Post
    Directories submission works, but their main problem is that free directories links are normally very deep, so not countable to get traffic, but they do help in improving SERP.
    true, but the fact that they are deep also benefits you since you are a getting from a more on topic page. If it ever gets indexed and cached that is

  2. Directory submission are still a good tool for SEO.... a backlink is a backlink.

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    Directory submission is still working well for get good back-links.Doing manual directory submission will benefit your website in a number of different ways.The more the number of directories to which you submit your site, the more times spiders will index you site, which means higher page rankings in search results.

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    It is also essential to analysis each index and the index classes independently. While making a index distribution, it is also vital to make sure that your exclusive promoting preposition is existing in the index distribution.

  5. doing directory submission for the serp ranking is an older idea. we should not leave to doing them but do it in a limit. these links are good for SERP ranking stability. We should try to find social bookmarking sites for the dofollow backlinks and traffic.

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    Is really directory submission is remain important task for SEO

    Link building is one of most important part for SEO. For couple of years a SEO stuff or link builder do linkbuilding through directory, social bookmarking..
    Here my question is still directory submission remain important task for SEO

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    Opinions will vary on this topic.

    From our testing, we have found no ranking benefit at all from submissions to the tens of thousands of poor quality directories out there, and those types of directories never drive traffic. They appear to be ignored by search engines. Anyone who tells you that "a link is a link and every link is a good link" doesn't understand search engines. The quality of a link has been an important factor with Google for almost 5 years.

    Submissions to most local business directories are beneficial, because they offer much more information and have a high trust factor with Google.
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    Even a single no-follow blog comment may create more traffic than a free directory listing IMO. The idea is to siphon off readers of a popular blog and get them subscribed to your blog feed.

    So for example, the blog post is about how to do something, and there are lots of comments, and you step in to say that you found a better way to do the same thing.

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    Ohh Strange.. Do you have some results to share with us please?

    Even our firm offers directory submission services but as per my experience, it never gave results as a standalone method. In fact, the approvals are disappointing low until and unless one owns the network.

    I would no ways like to call it a "good" method of link building.

    Quote Originally Posted by corewebservices View Post
    Directory submission is one of the good method of link building. It plays the important role to get the more and more traffic to the site. It helps to generate the back links which are necessary to get top ranking on Google.
    SEO girl...

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    Directory submission is still a very effective way to create quality link building. Unique directory submission is considered to be one of the best techniques of SEO.

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