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Thread: Directory Submissions -- Results?

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    Directory submission is a genuine method of link building. I would like to say its part of SEO. It work best with other services as well.

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    I have a good experience about directory posting although i am agreed that directory submissions are not useful for getting more traffic but they can provide so many quality back links and can be helpful in getting good keywords rankings. All we have to do is to choose our best keywords as the title for directory posting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pentawebexperts View Post
    All we have to do is to choose our best keywords as the title for directory posting.
    Directories are an area I'm pretty familiar with. While your advice might have been sound in the past, at present any directory that'd routinely accept a couple of keywords as the title is very likely in the class of directories Google is aiming to cull from the herd.
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    Directory submission part of off page SEO , its help to get back links free .back links much better for site


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    Listen to robjones. Links from the tens of thousands of crappy directories, especially if the same keywords are used in the hyperlink text, are exactly the type of links that Google targets with Penguin.

    In the past, links from poor quality sources were discounted. Today, sites are penalized for using too many of these links. They no longer offer any real SEO benefit.

    Local business directories and a handful of legitimate web directories that show PageRank on inner pages are the exception.
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    For new sites, I often look for niche-focused directories to submit to, only a couple in many cases, but since your site needs approval to get listed, it may help with your link profile.

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    It is nothing like that, I am posting it and both are worth to get good result. But the posting which you do is must be in proper category and that should be crawl in google.

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    yes , it still works ..

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    yes , it works . But , it depends upon the directories

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