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Thread: Directory Submissions -- Results?

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    I am still unsure of the benefits. I did this for a site last year and Yahoo still counts the many links added, Google show the links, but not sure if they are counted with any value.

    My biggest concern is being seen by the big G as bad links sometime, but I am betting they will just ignore them and not give any value to those links.

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    No benefits whatsoever for me. Thousands of submissions for 50-60 sites. None...Not even one, have backlinks and/or traffic from directories...
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    Directories are still good, I highly suggest niche directories though
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by ChillingBreeze View Post
    You'll not get directory submissions results in terms of rankings or improvement within days. I have tested ONLY directory submissions for one of my blogs and it did give some value after 2 months. I just did 500 submissions to most active and PR3+ directories. 95% of them were approved in max 2 months time.. and site showed up in decent rankings after 2 months.
    It's only been five weeks -- it's update this thread in three more weeks.
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  5. Then there is the spam issue. Are you submitting to directories where "every" submission is approved? If so, your probably going to be next to a spam site.

    If your going to submit to directories, pick ones where every submission is reviewed and manually approved. That helps to keep the spammers out.

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    Directory submission is not too effective as not most of them will give you valuable links and nor even most of the people visits directories to find their desire. Most of them are directly turning towards search engines and finding what they need.

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    I think that directories work only for SEO, and if you want to optimize your website, than you should get listed in directories, in the relevant categories.

  8. Submitting to General Directories

    That old technical of site submission to online directories still seems to work. Contrary to the widespread belief that directories are dead they are not.

    Good directories can still help you rank in Google you just have to watch for signs of quality, make sure the directory admin is doing there job. You can still make a website rank for relatively competitive three-keyword-long terms with directory submissions.
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    Basically, the more exposure you have the better.
    It may not directly contribute to a higher search engine ranking (which is related to number of clicks to your website), but it may eventually lead to a higher ranking.
    Its worth it to get the exposure.

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    It depends on which directories you submit to. Try submitting your sites to directories that are focused on your niche. Then you can both improve your Google keyword ranking and traffic. Its all about the keywords.
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