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Thread: DMOZ Sucks

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    DMOZ Sucks

    Really. DMOZ sucks. That's all I have to say on the topic.


    Diet Fads

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    Ditto - I wonder if there will ever be a criteria for listing sites there...

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    Well I don't know why people even submit their site to that directory, it's like waiting for an apple to fall of a tree -- and it's even possible that the apple will never fall out of it.

    Waiting, waiting and waiting... For what? There are thousands of other directories that do far more better so go further than DMOZ as it isn't the best one around.
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I think every forum needs a thread with that title
    OK here is my 2 cents:
    DMOZ is like a lottery with minimal payout.
    One of those sweepstakes where you have to fill out all sort of questionnaires and spend an hour on them and your prize is something like a small Xmas turkey, not enough for family and friends, but something.

    You'll be better off just spending the 35 bucks and not worry about it.

    I have gotten 8 DMOZ listings in my life I think and 7 out of those I didn't even submit.

    The best thing you can do when editors argue with you is ignore them. They want the attention.
    Don't give it to them.

    OK that's all I have to say ...
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    DMOZ's good but not that good for us to take all we have in order to be listed there. Just keep building and refining your site and you will soon or later one day be listed there.
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  6. I'm not really bothered. But with the attention DMOZ still get, I'm thinking there really still is DMOZ authority in SERPS and whatnot.

  7. I've bought some DMOZ listed sites this year and the DMOZ listings don't appear to be doing those sites any good in terms of either direct referrals or improved SERPS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yangyang View Post
    DMOZ's good but not that good for us to take all we have in order to be listed there. Just keep building and refining your site and you will soon or later one day be listed there.
    To take all we have. What do they take. About 10 minutes tops to submit a site. If you are silly enough to pay someone to do that for you, when they have no more chance of getting a listing than you yourself are then you must be nuts!

    Sadly accepting suggestions does raise expectations of a listing, even though we try to say that we take suggestions, that is all they are. They are not sites we will automatically list. We are not a listing service. As someone else has said there are plenty of other directories, so submit to DMOZ (researching that you offer to the right category and add a description like the ones already listed) and the forget it. An editor may or may not use your suggestion, if the site is listable then it will stay as a suggestion in the suggestions pool, a site is only rejected if it does not fit our criteria. So submitting once is enough.

    I have said in another thread that i would turn it off, but I lost that arguement.

    But please do remember that all DMOZ editors are volunteers, work in their spare time, receive no cash because they are enjoying their hobby of collecting and organising web sites for the end user who wants unique content rich sites collated into categories.

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    I tried submiting 1 site once and its was successful so I'm sattisfied from it

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    I've never had a problem getting my blogs or forums listed in dmoz, maybe I just picked the lucky categories
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