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Thread: EasySubmits - Semi-Automated Directory Submission

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    I have used this service for a couple of my blogs and appreciate how easy it is to use. As for the long term effects of using this approach that is a little bit difficult to tell

  2. Whatever you do, don't use the exact link text/anchor text in the title. Helps out a lot more if you use something similar or you submit with a title that contains your keywords. Rather than submitting with a title of "Red Widgets" I would use "Cool Red Widgets" or even "Red Widget Info Site" or something.
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    I just made post about easy submits here
    Free directory submission tool | Sulumits Retsambew

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    I am unable to register on your site. Can you please check/help/suggest?

    UPDATE: Go through in now! Great site


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    Thanks guys!
    I thought I'd make a little update.
    1) We are finally getting the new office set up and the team started to work. While it took a lot of time and effort, you should notice the change pretty soon on easysubmits.
    2) When we made easysubmits, we were unaware of a few limitations and we are only able to use most of the directories that use phpld and esyndicat scripts. This is why we are working on something new that will make it easy to submit to any directory, even dmoz
    3) The new team is in training on how things work right now while we are waiting for the ISP to hook up the internet.

    Hellas: Thank you very much. We appreciate your support. As soon as we come up with the new service, we would provide you with the account.

    bhartzer: you are right, it is recommended to use different anchor text after every 10 submissions or so. The new service will have a profile selection for submission.
    There are a few reasons behind it: 1) You are targeting more keywords. 2) Google doesn't see it as basic submission since it cannot find the pattern and therefor you get better chances to count it as a backlink.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tatrasim View Post
    that will make it easy to submit to any directory, even dmoz
    I am far from convinved that this is the best method for submission to DMOZ, for teh following reasons
    1. You have said earlier to use a title other than site title, that would not get through as a listing in DMOZ and would tend to delay any listing it might get
    2. If the site is not submitted to the right category, and I would have thought that the webmaster was the best person outside DMOZ to determine that, the site will almost certainly be delayed for review, because any reviewing editor will send it to the correct category and it will end up in another queue.
    3. DMOZ look for automatic submissions and the sites can be brabded as spam, if so it will be banned.
    4. Submissions should only be made once to DMOZ and if several submissions are made, by bots or by hand, the site can be listed as spam and banned.

    Also it is worth noting that any submissions to DMOZ, automated or by hand are only suggestions. Editors may or may not use the submissions/suggestions lists if they wish. Getting a submission to DMOZ does, in my view, increase the chances of being reviewd and then listed but it far from guarantees it and certainly no one can say how long it will take for a site to be reviewed.

    Why use a submissions service for DMOZ when you as the webmaster are more likely to get the correct category, correct title and be able to add a descrption in line with other descriptions in that category, and you can control how many submissions ie stick at ONE. That way you have a better chance than anyone else doing it and it is FREE.

    Do the worthwhile directory yourself and then you can make sure your valuable site is where it should be.

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    any updates from easy submits?

    like more directories? even current ones are ok it would still be cool to manage 1000+ dirs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellas View Post
    any updates from easy submits?

    like more directories? even current ones are ok it would still be cool to manage 1000+ dirs
    1000+ would be nice. We were trying to go around some mods on phpld directories but were not able to so far. The problem with managing a large list is that directories become paid/require login and go down daily even with 600 in the list.
    We will be dedicating more effort starting next week as we have big project in the closing state. Hopefully we will get to 1000 before the end of the year.

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    I'ill bookmark this thanks

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