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Thread: Free Directory

  1. Free Directory

    Iam building directory of directories in
    Submit your web directories to get free backlink. Iam offering regular link free with dofollow.

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  3. I've submitted my link, thank you very much!

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    I have already submitted my websites before. Also I am suggest a new web directory for quick back link.

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    I have checked the site but first confused with your
    Iam building directory of directories in
    thought something different.
    Thanks for sharing. You can also submit your directory information in "web-directories(dot)ws" as it will be better exposed/spread from such sites.

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    Make sure OP you won't remove my link after one week of approval like other free web directories do.

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    what is your website's pr ?

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    Someone needs to learn how to find the page rank of directories, sites, blogs, innner pages, etc.
    Instead of asking for page rank.
    And remember, just because a directory, site, blog has a page rank?
    Does not mean the inner pages will have page rank.
    Keep that one in mind!

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    iowadawg is right. A directory's home page PR means absolutely nothing. If the inner pages have a PR of 0 or n/a, there is no PR to pass.
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." -- Benjamin Franklin

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    Most of these directory websites are just attracting other sites to link and then when the directory site is established it will be for sale or redirected to a new one.

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