Hello all,

I was doing some research today, and I thought this was worthy of a new thread outside of my sells thread for these domains.

If you do not know, I purchased the following 3 domains


I was messing around today and just decided to search these domains. By themselves.


Over 263,000,000 Google Results and I have the #1 spot and no content what so ever.

This proves the fact that Google puts no emphisis on domain extensions expecially if the extension is part of the search term.


Over 200,000,000 Google Results and I have #1 spot and no content.

Although I can not find the domain when I search "rates cd" or "albums cd" I think a little content, seo work, and links and I would be on my way.

Alexa has no record of the site.
I dont know whether to be excited or not?lol