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Thread: $100k+ Domains

  1. $100k+ Domains

    Candeor has a very amusing post on 293 Domains That Sold For Over $100,000 – Most of Them Overpriced.

    There are a few domains in the list that I would appraise at reg fee.
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    Totally agree with you on that. However, I guess big companies bought these domains to have a better web presence for their business online.

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    I wonder how much of a marketing effort was made on many of those? Ie did it cost $40K in hype to get the 6 figure sale price, etc. Thanks for the list!

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    Wow there are some really useless domains there!

    And what's with these weird 245,246,248 etc... .com domains??

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    American area codes...believe WWE star, Ray Mysterio (sic can't spell no time to lookup) has made 611 the most popular (for San Diego)....

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    Value of the domain is different by different ppl
    I sold a few of dot asia for 5 digit and most appraisal will said it worth reg fees ....
    for me selling domain is like selling antique, get the right person, you will get the right prices

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    I think I am going to register a lot of domain names and hope that they sell for $100k each or at least able to get the registering fee back LOL


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    I think the commentary made that post even greater.


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    You can see all kinds of overpriced domains for sale at eBay. Some are worth perhaps $10 to $20, yet people have them listed for $50,000. I wonder if they ever sell any of those.

    I do see one domain on the list,, that sold on eBay for $100k.

    The most overpriced domains that never seem to sell on eBay are related to Barack Obama or Michael Jackson.
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    The real value of all those domains is indeed over $100k - if thats what someone is prepared to pay for them, then thats the value. As some else said earlier in the thrad, its a bit antiques (which to me are mostly worthless old junk).

    That's not to say that I would peronsally pay $100k for those domains, in my view many of them are worthless.
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