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Thread: $100k+ Domains

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  1. $100k+ Domains

    Candeor has a very amusing post on 293 Domains That Sold For Over $100,000 – Most of Them Overpriced.

    There are a few domains in the list that I would appraise at reg fee.
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    Totally agree with you on that. However, I guess big companies bought these domains to have a better web presence for their business online.

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    I wonder how much of a marketing effort was made on many of those? Ie did it cost $40K in hype to get the 6 figure sale price, etc. Thanks for the list!

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    Wow there are some really useless domains there!

    And what's with these weird 245,246,248 etc... .com domains??

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    American area codes...believe WWE star, Ray Mysterio (sic can't spell no time to lookup) has made 611 the most popular (for San Diego)....

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    Value of the domain is different by different ppl
    I sold a few of dot asia for 5 digit and most appraisal will said it worth reg fees ....
    for me selling domain is like selling antique, get the right person, you will get the right prices

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    I think I am going to register a lot of domain names and hope that they sell for $100k each or at least able to get the registering fee back LOL


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    I think the commentary made that post even greater.


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    You can see all kinds of overpriced domains for sale at eBay. Some are worth perhaps $10 to $20, yet people have them listed for $50,000. I wonder if they ever sell any of those.

    I do see one domain on the list,, that sold on eBay for $100k.

    The most overpriced domains that never seem to sell on eBay are related to Barack Obama or Michael Jackson.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TopDogger View Post
    You can see all kinds of overpriced domains for sale at eBay. Some are worth perhaps $10 to $20, yet people have them listed for $50,000. I wonder if they ever sell any of those.
    I agree and here is why they do it:

    They put their domains over priced so they can get cheap eBay traffic.

    If you see a overpriced domain on eBay for a million dollars people will go to this domain's URL and see whats there.

    Plus they always can get the sale if some parent lets their child login to eBay.

    BTW I'm selling on eBay domains and my starting prices are $0.99 and $9.99 so I'm not using these excessive methods.

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