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Thread: 3 Letter Domains !!

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    3 Letter Domains !!

    Many people are asking for premium price for 3 letter domains. I fail to understand the reason for this. Can someone tell me why I should pay premium for it?

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    3 letter domains are all gone and are very very valuable...that is why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex01 View Post
    3 letter domains are all gone and are very very valuable...that is why.
    I second that!

    Three letter domains are classified as premium names (even something as weird as XZX). Many of these three letter names form perfect acronyms for businesses, therefore, they are quite valuable.

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    The above posts are right.

    Two letter domains (correct me if am wrong) are not for sale. And three letter ones are, and all are taken. Well, almost all I guess.

    So they are worth a lot.

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    Unfortunately you had to get into the game very early to nab a 2 letter domain. You can still get 3 letter domains from Internet Auction sites like eBay.

    I have seen them go as high as $50,000

    My shortest domain is K-Disk
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    The main thing of short names is that unique person can write/remember that name and visit your page once or even become permanent vizitor.

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    I disagree with a good bit of the responses.

    Forsaken has a good point about acronyms, or in the case if it is a word or is otherwise easy to remember, but the majority of 3 letter domains are parked domains serving no function other than to sit there or be day traded on eBay. Now that's a domain name. Keyword strength, short (though what it has on it may not be that short), and easy to remember. Perhaps one could make something out of that (and may well have), perhaps not. It is short. I don't know if it has anything else going for it or not, but I don't recognize and will not remember it. I wouldn't want. Give me a domain like (only an example folks) as it has keyword relevancy and is easy to remember.

    3 letter domains and 3 character domains have value among webmasters who covet them. Some of them have spent too much time sitting in bathroom stalls reading poetry like "here I sit all broken hearted, bought a 3 letter domain and only farted".

    Anything which has value primarily has value via perception of that value. If someone is willing to give several thousand dollars for a 3 letter domain, that's their problem. If it has and easy to remember cadence and seo value, then it has value for that; other than that it has value only due to its unavailability, and as a merit badge to wear saying "look, I have a 3 letter domain".

    I'll tell you what, Padalda, all 3 character .net domains are gone as well. You can only get one from someone who has one or buy one from a domain broker.

    If you want a 3 character domain, I'll give you

    If you can make something out of it, that's great; if not, at least you have a 3 character domain. If you already have 3 character domains, my apologies for the presumption; if not, you can have this one.

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    becaz all LLL domain is aged domain, short and easy to remind
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    I was generously given a 3 character domain by Menard a while back. I do find it hard to remember the name though. But I did use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakki View Post
    becaz all LLL domain is aged domain, short and easy to remind
    The domain registration age for parked domains does not provide a site with any seo benefits.

    Rather, the domain authority is based upon the age of the backlink and content.

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