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Thread: Advantages of buying multiple TLDs for an exact keyword?

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    Arrow Advantages of buying multiple TLDs for an exact keyword?

    What are the advantages of buying multiple TLDs for the same keyword for example if i wanted to start a website called "dogstore" should I buy .org .info .net and what should I do with the remaining domains? 302 redirect? I heard that could help you to rank higher, is that true?


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    Typically people buy all available TLDs to protect their brand name.

    So, if you want to protect yours then feel free to purchase the other TLDs and just redirect.
    As for whether or not it will help you rank higher, I'm not really sure - but I don't see how it would.

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    1. protecting your brand.
    2. redirect all the others domains to your mail tld one. This could also help with typos, for example.

    It doesn't help you from a search engine point of view at all. What you could do to help you rank higher is develop those domains as well and linking to your main one (use different 'C' IP classes of course to have any effect)

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    You could always create multiple websites on the same thing. If you've got three websites ranking well on the first page, that's better than one, no?

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