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Thread: now what to do with it

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    Just because it's TM'd doesn't mean they'll fight to get your domain name.

    It's always possible, but if you already have it, you may as well develop it.

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    Ok I am very new to this can anybody recommend me someone who could devolpe this whole site for me obviously with my affiliate code in it

    there are other stansted airport sites domains saying stansted airport information etc

    I would want to be doing the same so on 1st page stressing out this is an informaton site

    How mch could it cost for me to get this done


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    Quote Originally Posted by jxc View Post
    Any sugestions as what would be the easiest way to make money on this site auction it through or set it up as site where people look for hotels, flights restaurants etc in Albania ?
    With a .co, I would either build a business related site on it or try to flip it later.

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    Just registered Telephone / Book dotCO. No idea what to do with it. I registered it for fun. Lol!

  5. Just because it's TM'd doesn't mean they'll fight to get your domain name.
    That's true, but I still would tend to stay away from owning them. They could take the domain away from you using the UDRP.

    I would also check to see how many other domains with that keyword are registered and being used. There are a lot of trademarked names where people have put up fan sites or other related sites, and the trademark owner doesn't have a real problem with those sites.
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