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Thread: Appraise my domain related to bollywood

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    Question Appraise my domain related to bollywood

    Well, I purchased it few days ago from godaddy.

    Here is the domain name -

    Can I sell the blog whatever I have made out of it anywhere? And in how much can i sell it?

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    You can make it a rich content site about bollywood and then sell it.
    Without content, I don't think anyone will buy it.
    Also, if it had been a .com, .net etc, then it would have been went for at least in the range $$.
    So, I will advice you to develop it a bit. The site doesn't have any PR either. So, its better to spend about 2-3 months for publishing some good content in the site, and by the time its PR will increase for sure ( don't forget to do some quick SEO).

    IF you do all those things, then you'd be able to sell it for a price in the range $350-$500

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    Thanx I will do that

    - Digital -

  4. oops name is good but not the extension . info ?

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    If I had that domain, I would develop it into a bollywood flavored radio station

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    I would not give more then registration value for that domain.

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    Unless developed I wouldn't spend $1 on it.

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    Bollywood is the worst niche as far as i know, i own a Bollywood music site which is in top 5 for "Bollywood Music" and i get around 50-60 clicks/a day and earnings are $0.90. and about your domain i guess its useless unless developed!
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    Hey that is a nice domain name, However rather than just looking to sale it,, Try to make it a nice site with a huge database and then probably sell it

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    hmmm.. Nice site but needs to be developed shubhi...

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