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Thread: Backorder domain?

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    Backorder domain?

    There's a domain that I want and its expiring early next year. Is there some service that will register this domain for me automatically if it is not renewed?

    Thanks in advance.

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    what if the owner renews it?

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    You can back order with godaddy

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    GoDaddy and offer a backorder service. However, it will suck if the person renews the domain (especially if it's set on auto-renew).
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    GoDaddy is probably the most popular backorder service. They charge a fee for it though. But chances are that the current owner will renew it if it's a good domain. And if it's good and he doesn't renew it it's likely that it will get picked up by a drop catcher like NameJet. In that case you won't get it through GoDaddy.

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    backorders may get a bit expensive ... what I suggest is that note the date of the week before it is about to expire, add an entry in google calendar ... Google C will mail you a reminder about it .... .

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