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Thread: BackOrdering a Domain

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Andy101 View Post
    So in this way it may be possible to grab a domain name faster than these back-ordering services that may not be able to purchase the domain fast enough.
    Further thoughts:

    You could pre-load an account at a registrar with credits so your credit card doesn't need to be processed for speed of purchasing.
    Maybe RSS feeds are available listing the available domain names?
    Do they have email alerts that you can register for?
    1. You can't really compete with the backordering services and drop catchers like snapnames, namejet etc. and try to grab it faster than them - first simply because you'd need to have your own registrar for that (an investment of at least $50k-100K) and special agreements with the major registrars and then some serious bankroll to match the scripting and computing power of other big players. So what you can do is either bid on the domain at one of these services if it got backordered and sent to an auction, or try to grab before everyone else if it wasn't.

    2. There are many services that let you monitor the expiring domains and notify of changes. One I use is for about $15/month (they also have a bunch of other useful features). They send emails when the domain's status changes. But I think it's not hard to build a script that would do that.
    Other good services:

    other interesting sites to check on the matter:

    read more info here

    3. to backorder at godaddy, as mentioned before, use the godaddy backorder and bid on tdnam. If it's on other registrars place bids on pool, namejet and snapnames as well as you can't always know where it will end up.

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    Thanks for your reply.

    So it seems like you are saying that there is a delay in the published status of an expired domain name that we can't see until after the back ordering services have access to this information because they pay to get this data from them before we can see it.

    Ah well.

  3. yes, something like that

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