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Thread: Best Domain Registrar

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    Currently use namecheap since you get free whois guard & free ssl

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    Well, my favorite registrar is pretty obviously because this reputable company offers so many unique domain name extensions and also a lot of discounts on their registration services. I am glad that I found and deal with this company. Highly recommend it.

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    Which Domain Register Do You Use?

    where do you all buy your domains ?
    I always get my domains from go daddy
    thank you.

  4. New domains I often get via namecheap. For aged domains with traffic or PR, Go Daddy auctions is great.
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  5. I am not a domain buyer... I have one domain and website, and they are part of my business opportunity.

    I got my domain + hosting from Global Domains International the world wide registry for all .ws domains.

    I wasn't that much interested in the actual domain name but more of the income opportunity of the company!

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    I feel Godaddy is one of the best in terms of Domains and so also WebHosting. Hostgator being my second favorite in Hosting and Namecheap being my second favorite in domain names

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    I usually buy domain at hostgator for my blog. But I search for coupon codes first before to have some discounts. I also use namecheap too.

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    I get mine at I like it because it doesn't ask for excessive information like bank account details and etc. Its just click, pay, and your done I heard Sedo is a good site, anybody have any reviews on it?
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    I got mine from GoDaddy, from my point of view it is one of the best around!

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    I also get mine from GoDaddy, pretty cheap prices and good service

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