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Thread: Best Place To Sell Domains?

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    Best Place To Sell Domains?

    Just wondering where people think is the best place to sell domains?

    Personally I use Sedo and, mainly, DigitalPoint forums, but I've also heard about Namepros and places like that, so was just wondering where you guys recommend for the best price?


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    Warriorforum is good place. I think this forum is better than DP since the member have more money than DP member. But to sell in WF, you need to pay about $20 first (if i'm not wrong).

  3. I think SP is a great place if you are looking for $xxx or more.
    But otherwise forums like DP are good. Even WMP is growing
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    I have only used DP and WTF so far.

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    To make the most profit out of your domains, I would avoid forums such as DP and Warrior and use premium domain listing sites instead.

    Such as

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    @Nic - only if your domain is premium tho

    @akira - Yeah, but a lot of the domains I resell will be worth up to about $50, so if I pay $20 just to list it then I'm going to cut a big chunk out of my profit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon View Post
    @Nic - only if your domain is premium tho
    Sorry, I don't know much about domains, what's the difference between a premiuim and a normal domain?

  8. I had such huge trouble trying to find any place to sell my domain. I still haven't sold it

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    Warrior forums seems to be best of the lot; but you can try on some specialist domain name forums.

    Avoid DP for any transactions...There is a high probability of people getting scammed (of course, generally speaking). Apart from a few mainstream users, majority of DP members are noobs.

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