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Thread: Brandable domain question

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    Exclamation Brandable domain question

    Hey NB users I have a doubt,
    I found an amazing, short, pronounceable and fun domain to register and the word has no meaning the only problem is that the name is actually an Indian name

    should that be any problem if I try to register it as a trademark or would that make the domain less valuable

    PS (it is a really rare name)

  2. I am not a lawyer, but Ivan Hoffman is, and he wrote a good article on this topic: Personal Names: Trademark Issues.

    The rules are pretty open to interpretation, but in general you're not going to have much luck trademarking an existing first name.

    But... you may have another option. Here's a quote from Wikipedia:

    Terms which are not protectable by themselves, such as a generic term or a merely descriptive term that has not acquired secondary meaning, may become registrable when a Top-Level Domain Name (e.g. dot-COM) is appended to it. An example of such a domain name ineligible for trademark or service mark protection as a generic term, but which currently has a registered U.S. service mark, is "HEARSAY.COM"

    You might have luck receiving a trademark for
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    Thanks will!

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