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Thread: Buying domain with "ipad" in it

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    Buying domain with "ipad" in it

    I am considering buying a domain for a micro niche blog, and it is going to have the domain "ipad" in it.

    Would it be safe to buy it? I won't be attempting to show that I own the iPad, if anything, I will blatantly be saying that I my site is completely unrelated.

    I also noticed that if you look under Google's keyword tool and Micro Niche Finder, there are almost no keyword results with "ipad" in them. Is this because of the trademark, or the lack of popularity?
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  2. As far as I know you are not allowed to have a trademark in the domain,but the site itself can be about anything you like.

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    Here is what is likely to happen if the site gets Apple's attention:

    Apple Seizes 16 Domain Names From A Guy In One Fell Swoop

    My personal opinion is that anyone who buys a domain name that contains a trademarked name is a fool. I know that there are a lot of people on eBay trying to sell such domain names for premium prices, but they are just fishing for suckers.

    Many companies are starting to aggressively protecting their trademarks.

    A while ago I received a nasty letter from Sony's attorneys because on of my sites used their images and trademark name on a few pages (not in the domain). They also contacted my hosting company and demanded that my site be taken down. They backed off when I pointed out that the site was an Amazon affiliate marketing site and Amazon granted me the rights to use Amazon's images and Sony's brand name in order to sell their products. This just shows how far some companies will go to try to make life miserable for someone using their intellectual property.

    There are law firms that have been set up who specialize in protecting intellectual property rights. They have developed spiders that scan the web looking for domains that infringe on their clients' trademarks.
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  4. I agree with TopDogger, I would stay far away from sites that have a trademark in them, especially if they have a trademark that Apple owns.
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    I would avoid the trademark in domain... Apple will probably take your domain as soon as it becomes popular...
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