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Thread: Buying domains with the intention to sell

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    I've flipped several myself, some with sites included and some just blank. It's really not that hard as long as you use common sense (so many don't, which is why it's so easy). Do your checking for valid stats before bidding, and make sure either to wait awhile before selling on the same market, or switch sites when looking to sell.

    It doesn't bring in fast money, i'll admit that. I'm sitting on quite a few now, but if I actually got to work on them i'd be fine come the next PR update.

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    I think that is a good idea!

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    One or two. I previously sold a domain for $60 when I bought it for $8.81 with a coupon

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    I have done this, have bought few and then sold for profit. Good business.

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    I only but the domain name with good potential, and then will spend some times to optimize it

    If i fail to make good result, i will sell them out.

    However, for the success site, i normally will keep it or myself unless i get very good offer

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