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Thread: Buying domains with Youtube in URL

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    Buying domains with Youtube in URL

    Is there any legal problems with buying a .com with youtube in the domain name?

    I have heard that it is not a good thing to do, so just wanted to get some reassurance before I buy the domain I want

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    From what I understand from other domainers: Legal issue:Yes; but it depends on your intentions.

    More info can be found here:

    United States Patent and Trademark Office Home Page

    and here, an interview with a domain name lawyer, on YouTube:

    YouTube - Domain Name no-no's... Interview with a Domain Name Lawyer

    In your case, I would write YouTube anyway.

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    I think I will leave it for the time. Was going to buy a domain for an upcoming php program I am developing, but don't wanna risk it. Thanks

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    Yes, you might face some TM issues there.
    I own 1 of those names (parked) and it makes me a couple bucks per day, nothing major, though I might have to hand it to G sooner or later. Well it costed $10

  5. If you search past WIPO decisions, you can see that Google/YouTube was able to convince the U.N. to confiscate the following domains from their owners:
    Submit Your Webmaster Related Sites to the NB Directory
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  6. You're right, I tend to stay far away from domains that have company names or trademarks in them. The generic domains ( or are far better and are actually an investment, they're going up in value every day.

  7. TM issues written all over it.. it isn't fun going against big companies LOL they pretty much walk over you... ICANN can be very bias at times

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    I once had a domain with ebay in it.

    They were not shy about letting me know their feelings about it; or, more appropriately, having their legal services let me know their feelings about it.

    If you want youtube as a keyword, put it on a domain of your's as a sub-domain or in the name of an html/php file. If anybody has any problems with it, it's easy enough to remove and doesn't cost you anything.

  9. >> If anybody has any problems with it, it's easy enough to remove and doesn't cost you anything.
    And you can remove the file but actually redirect the traffic to the rest of the site.
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    I think there should not be any problem as long as Niche of your website is different.


    I don't think it is a good idea to go for a domain like this. YouTube won't like you infringing on their trademark.

    I am listing some links here that would help you with this.

    Trademark FAQ
    US CODE: Title 15,1111. Notice of registration; display with mark; recovery of profits and damages in infringement suit
    Trademark FAQ
    Trademark FAQ

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