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Thread: Choosing a domain name question

  1. Clear and concise. Thanks gmail!

    I hope this helps out the others as it did with me.

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    If you are strapped for cash, you can get a lot of domains with a keyword plus an animal name for example. It is brandable. or something like that.
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    Relevance Tips for SERP

    Domain Name

    The initial investment in a good domain name is worth the price, considering the long run. Purchase it once, and periodically pay marginal renewal costs. The value of a solid domain name goes up as marketing cost increases.

    If the domain name coincides with the targeted keywords, site links for brand-related searches will follow. This sets you apart from similar contending sites. Your website’s internal link structure can identify the pages Google will exhibit in its site links.

    The ‘.com’ extension for your domain name is an integral factor in placing your site high in terms of SERP. The recall and marketing power of this extension will boost the recognition of your website. The ‘.com’ extension is an almost visceral tag, as its prevalence in popular Internet branding continues to show.

    Page Title

    The Web was developed around the concept of links and pages as the ‘building blocks’ of data. The page’s title tag is one of the most essential features. The initial item search engines present. It is also the link to click on in search engine results. The title tag is the most important attribute of the web page (for many search engines).

    The page title can be compared to the title of an article or book. Utilizing targeted keywords as part of your page title will augment the clicks directed to your website.

    Meta Elements and Description

    The meta description props up the page title. It also involves alternate words or phrases not contained within your page title. Meta tags comprise the meta keyword and meta description tags. Meta keyword tags do not appear in search results, but various search engines may show the meta descriptions in search results.

    File Names

    In theory, using file names which are irrelevant to your page is as simple as employing pertinent file names. Driving your rankings up, however, calls for using descriptive file names. This will direct more traffic toward your site as compared to inappropriate ones.

    How do Relevant Filenames Help?
    ·Relevant filenames augment your website’s perceived relevance and increase the likelihood of being clicked on.
    ·Relevant filenames help create target anchor text as some visitors use the URL as the anchor text when linking to pages.

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