I need a geo domain, and all the .coms are gone or for sale. The dashed versions, and .org domains are still available. So, I'm weighing the pros and cons.

The Pros for dashed domain names are 1) mostly available in quanity (2) easier for the search engines to recognize the keywords. Also, eaiser for the user to read the url when the domain has multiple words that run togther. (3) Keywords in the domain.

Generally, I don't like hyphens in the domain. The hyphens look spammy and hyphenated domains are hard to give out over the phone. There's also issues with losing traffic should the user forget to use the dashes.

I'm favoring the .org TLD mainly for the exact match bonus and it looks less spammy. The drawback is branding issues. Confusion with .com that's already taken shouldn't be a problem as the owner has an auto listing directory on the domain and it's not ranked. I'm considering a 'work around' for branding by using a .com for the company name and redirecting to the generic .org