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Thread: Do we need to register .com & .net?

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    Do we need to register .com & .net?

    Hey everyone, I got the inspiration to write this post from Problogger's article Should You Secure .com AND .net for Your Domain? that you may find at this URL.

    Darren Rowse has been asked this question from one of his reader and answered him with an article where he lists two arguments in FAVOR of registering both .com and .net version of a domain name.

    Here what he says first:
    • As Defensive Move - just yesterday I received an email from a distraught blogger who had worked for 4 years to build their blog up only to find that this week another blog had started using the .net version of their blog. While the 2nd blog was behind the eightball and wouldn’t rank as well in Google this blogger saw it as a threat to their business.
    I reckon this is very true, especially if you use the .net version as the main one (like PB!). You don't want your users to write and to be redirected to another website!

    Then, Mr. Rowse adds:
    With a View to Expansion - having a second domain gives you the possibility of expanding your brand later with a different type of site. For example here at ProBlogger I initially set this blog up on (.com was parked and not for sale at the time) but now I’ve secured the .com version I now have a 2nd domain to set up another site. In fact with the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge I set up the forums on which gives you a hint at what I have planned for that domain.
    This is a less frequent situation, but also true.

    So what do you think?

  2. I find this kind of funny because I bought a domain in .net because .com was not available for that name and whenever I go to the .com site nothing shows up so I'm hoping that one day I can buy the other domain once it expires.
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  3. Firstly, it is best that you stick to .com.

    Only if your business is very big then also buy the .net.

    However if you first bought the .net do your best to get the .com.

    (Darren paid 10,000$ for the .com of problogger)
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    I have thought about buying multiple domain extentions in the past, but decided not to as I didn't feel it was necessary.

    If I was the owner of a big company, I'd probably think otherwise.

    An example would be Google, with

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    It really doesn't matter

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    If you have the .com then don't bother but if you have a .net try and get the .com!

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    I personally like to register .com first and then the rest. When I was branding my company, I bought them in the following order.

    1. .com
    2. .net
    3. .info
    4. .biz
    5. .cn (dont ask why )

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtl.vibe View Post
    I personally like to register .com first and then the rest. When I was branding my company, I bought them in the following order.

    1. .com
    2. .net
    3. .info
    4. .biz
    5. .cn (dont ask why )
    I think I would buy before the .info and .biz extensions (if I had to...).

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    It does not matter, as Sensonize said. You can even build a more successful business around (trust me!) when compared to .com version of the same name

    Everything depends on your promotion, marketing, SEO and traffic building tactics.

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