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Thread: Do you own your own name?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sneakyheathen View Post
    I don't really see why you'd have to be a celebrity to own your own domain name. You can use it for personal branding, a personal website, etc.
    Quote Originally Posted by Farrhad A View Post
    I have to agree with that. Owning your just name is kewl, you can mainly use it as your portfolio or just as a contact page.
    Yeah, depends on individuals preference. For me, it will also be useless, for someone else, it might look kool. Anyways, would probably be taken (haven't checked yet).

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    I own a domain name with my nick name "Simon" + "LWC" is my chinese name. ( (My Personal Blog) (My Wushu Diary)

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    Hello All,
    Unfortunately my name has been purchased, even my middle name (which is very uncommon, Iokepa) has been taken.
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    No, i see no reason to buy it. I use nicknames.

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    I purchased a year or so ago. I've contacted the owner of about giving me the domain, but it was a no go.

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    All taken.

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    I have .me and .org of my name.

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    Nope. I'm online incognito...
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    I own my name, my nickname and a couple of variations of it just to be safe.

    You never know when they might come in handy!

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    i own a domain with my online name.

    but nothing there.
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