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Thread: Do you own your own name?

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    Well, I also own my name domain.

    Purchased it 2 months ago.

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    I own the .com and .net version of my name and I use it for my personal blog. I believe everyone should own their name. It goes a long way towards branding yourself.
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    I do not have any plan for using my personal name as domain name yet, so I am not registering it.

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    My name isn't that unique. That's why I couldn't get I got a .net instead.

    Farooq Azam Blog.

    Yes... I own my name.
    Hey Md! Is that you? Why you using a different username here?

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    Still now I don't have my own name as a site..yeah i do have plan to start one.
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    i owned my

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    I own my username on the .com, but my real name is taken by some guy that got a DUI on his yacht...

    My name is also taken on by a real estate agent.

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    I always had the fear of losing my name (.com ofcourse)

    Now that I have it I fell like I own a piece of Internet
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    I've owned the three letter TLD of my nickname for the past 12 years but haven't used it in ages.

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    Nope I don't own my name domain, there's probably several with my name who knows.
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