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Thread: Domain Appraisal pls

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    Domain Appraisal pls

    I try estibot and both return with similar value (540 n 410), but i need real man to do appraisal for me
    worth to keep ?
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  2. Articele? I go reg fee or less for misspellings.
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    Euh... can't open the URL...
    Got this error message
    Sorry, the website cannot be found

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    I would not go near the estibot or valuate estimations.

    Reg fee might a little too high as well. Why don't you create an article site, where people can submit there articles to

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    sorry, my fault (typo) ..... is

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    AsiaArticle.Com... Undeveloped it's reg-fee, if it's developed and has articles about AsiaArticle it might be worth more.. but it's not a big bomb domain IMO
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  7. Epik has a decent appraisal on it:
    Domain Appraisal for AsiaArticle.Com

    Their appraisal is $1716, and I would say that is more likely if the site is developed with unique content.
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