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It was original bought for a skinning project for vBulletin, but the designer for it (Rin) never actually got around to making any themes for me. I kept the name for ‘just in case’ reasons, and now that it’s going on year 5 with NOTHING but a parked domain, I find no real need to keep it.

A search for the domain name comes up with a small handful of surname pages, a couple of usernames, and a confusion for redskins pages. However, RIN RIN as well as RIN RIN RIN all seem to come up with several anime art pages and user profiles, so that could certainly be a plus.

The name RIN itself falls down to…
Rin' is a Japanese popular music group which combines traditional Japanese instruments and style with elements of modern pop and rock music

Rin (リン) was a medical-nin who appeared in the Kakashi Gaiden arc as a former team-mate of Kakashi Hatake, as well as a member of Team Minato. (From Naruto) There are also several other anime characters of this name!

RIN can stand for Renewable Identification Number (as seen on a Bio-diesel site) or RNA integrity number (RIN) is a software tool designed to help scientists estimate the integrity of total RNA samples.

Other uses for RIN can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rin

Of course SKINS as a [key]word should be self-explanatory...

Now I simply have no clue what it’s worth, but would certainly not mind letting it go….but first I need to know an asking price to start it off with (so I’m here).

Thanks for your input...