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Thread: Domain Auctions After Expiration

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    Smile Domain Auctions After Expiration

    One of my domains expired yesterday (12/31/2009). It was at and I had it from 2007. It got renewed by accident in 2008, and I ended up paying close to $40 for a domain . I found out about this when I got my credit card statement a month later.

    I left the domain there till yesterday, and moved it over to GoDaddy today, because I did not want to pay $35 for a .com renewal.

    The domain is currently pending transfer, and I contacted and they said the domain might go into auctions at anytime.

    Does anyone know, how long after expiration the domain goes into auctions?

    I really don't want this domain to get away.

    I could not transfer the domain before 12/31/2009 because it was part of a bundle.
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    It feel that it is about 75 days.

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