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Thread: Which Domain to choose from these?

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    Which Domain to choose from these?

    Hi guys

    I am back with another question. Looking to buy health related domain and monetize it with some herbal and medicinal products.

    I am going to buy a health issue related domain. Which would you advice of the 3 types.

    Considering that is taken.

  2. I'd go with
    Submit Your Webmaster Related Sites to the NB Directory
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  3. My vote is for

  4. I too would agree that is better,makes it easier for people to remember it and .net is a good extension

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    Quote Originally Posted by proweb View Post
    My vote is for
    I don't believe that you get the exact match bonus with the hyphenated domain.

  6. I'll go for the .org version

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    I think is quite ok. Or please grab this domain (if it is available)

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