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Thread: Which domain extensions are you currently investing in?

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    Which domain extensions are you currently investing in?

    Me, I'm investing in .im, .com, .net, and .in - I seldom buy other extensions. What domain extensions are you investing in?

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    .com .org (I love .org) .net and .us

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    .com and .org

    .us is good to go as well.
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    .com, .net, .org, .info, .be

    These are the ones I'm investing in
    |Nico Lawsons

  5. i'm trying .asia now.

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    .com , .net and .org

    I also keep a few and rare as well as and , yet, I believe that anything else than .com , .net and .org is pure cap.

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    .com, .org and .net here. .com has the highest value so any domain with that extension gets a good price provided the name is good.

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    All of my domains are .com, except for one .us that I use for URL shortening.
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    .COM and .NET only.

  10. I am buying only .com , .net and .in domain extensions only .

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