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Thread: Domain hmm What was I thinking?

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    Domain hmm What was I thinking?

    OK a couple of weeks back it was late one Sunday Night and I popped on to ebay after having had a few drinks (too many going by the result) and I caught a domain name with a number of months left for an $8 bid that was ending and I thought (in my inebriated state) let's bid.

    A couple of mins later I became the proud owner of


    I can't for the life of me remember what I was thinking and why it seemed appealing at the time, so ideas please?

    What would you do with it?

    Would you sell it?

    Would you develop it - if so as what?

    Was I just a complete dope for going on eBay after too many drinks and paying $8 for something that seemed like a good idea at the time, but that I can't for the life of me remember why I thought that at the time?

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    Oh well... I own something like 700 or so domains (used to have over 1000) and I know exactly what you mean.

    Drunk regs will burn your wallet.

    What do I say?

    Try to sell it for $10 or else just drop it when it's time to renew it.

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    Make it a 'sex' domain, when I say the word it's the same
    |Nico Lawsons

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    adult site would work I guess, the name is easy to remember

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    @Shenron I hope to avoid it being a drunken mistake LOL

    @ Aquerezz and Aziz

    I think that was likely what I was thinking when I was drunk LOL Trouble is even though I own and I have never really done anything with them and the only time I ever think about doing anythng with them is after a drink (a definate case of Dutch courage LOL).

    Bear in mind I own a Reg TM that revolves around Cartoon Teddy Bear Characters that although registered as "for advertising online on websites" at the UK IPO Gov dept can easily be devloped towards children and I am loathe to ruin that by getting involved in adult properly if it means ruining my Double T Ted's Reg TM and it's full potential.

    Maybe I am worrying too much Walt Disney and Playboy have both managed to market in both markets so I am just being too careful perhaps.

    So anyone want to partner on anything for Cexxs ?

    I can do the SEO and have had page 1 results for adult search terms previously, if that's of any interest. I don't feel it's something I could do alone - Bear in mind I also have and that need a little development.

    I hope mentioning that in the open is OK - I have deliberately not posted the links to those two sites mentioned & if it's wrong to have even mentioned them at all - oops my bad and sorry, my apologies.

    If this should be moved to the adult section I will see about signing up to that private forum!

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    No problems about posting that, we're all adults here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loko View Post
    No problems about posting that, we're all adults here
    Thanks Loko, I did wonder what with there being a private adult forum! Don't want to break the rules.

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    An adult site is the only thing that I can think of that fits, but that does not appear to be a good fit for your profile.

    You might be able to just cancel the registration and let it go back to the pool of unregistered domains. If you keep it, you should change the contact info or set it up as a private registration in order to protect your other interests.

    If you were the only bidder, I would lean towards canceling it or letting it expire. If there were multiple bidders, you might want to try to sell it again on eBay.
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    Yeah I think everyone seems to be in agreement it best suits an adult site TopDogger.

    I think I might stop worrying about branching into adult, if Walt Disney and Playboy can market in both I am probably worrying over nothing LOL.

    I have been a member on Netpond longer than any other forum on the net and learned loads on there b4 it went down the pan and started ripping people off, so I know quite a lot about that particulr field and have previously had page 1 results and my first online earnings we're in the adult market many years ago.

    Anyone want to partner on a number of adult site by any chance?

    I have the thing to start afresh and and potentially huge earning to work with.

  10. It is a .com domain at least. I'd throw it up on Sedo (etc...) for a reasonable BIN.
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