I have several domains, all with sites attached too them, and a few of them are actually going pretty well... but I do have one that is simply parked, as the initial reason for buying it never panned out.

I also recently got Netflix, and have been watching a few instant movies a week. I've been reviewing these movies on my blog for an Occult Forum. This match is pretty bad as far as a money maker, so I am pondering using my parked domain to start up a blog for movies I review.

Which leads me to my question...

The domain is Rinskins.com (I'm currently pondering selling it: Domain Appraisal: Rinskins.com) but now I'm wondering if I could use it for the review site.

I don't have the $10 to buy a new domain... in fact, I am not even sure at the moment if I have the $10 to renew this one next month, lol... but that's not why I am here.

Should I try selling that domain for as much as I can get out of it, or try to market it as a review site?

I could easily use the name Rin or even Rinskins to write the review... but in your collective opinions would that be marketable at all? Or should I sell it in favor of using the money to buy a new (possibly more relevant) domain?

Rinskins.com is 4 years old, so it's got the plus of age, and it's pretty easy to remember (but I'm not sure how easy to connect with the content).

So what are your opinions on this?

(If this thread would be better suited to domaining, could a mod toss it up there?)