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Thread: Domain Name - Subdomain Name: Exact Match Ranking

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    Domain Name - Subdomain Name: Exact Match Ranking

    Hello everyone!

    I have a simple question. I am looking to start a handful of new food-related content sites for some long-term organic income, but I have a question regarding the domain names. Now, I can buy a simple exact match domain name [] for each site... or could I do this: and create a simple content site there.

    Then, I could do:, etc.

    Would there be a difference in ranking if I just made a whole domain name for each keyword, or if I used the keywords in subdomains?

    Example for Clarification:

    Would rank as highly for cakekeyword as if I just did

    Edit: Alternate Idea
    Maybe it would be best if I just did or something?

    Please help!

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    it is better to use directory instead subdomain because subdomain needs more backlinks to be indexed, and if you use directory you can make it indexed in just 5 minutes by linking it from the main domain

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    A new domain name for each keyword would offer more of a bonus. A new page for each keyword would offer a bonus, and be more cost-effective.

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