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    [Domain Only] Appraisal for

    My wife and I were members of the Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF) and started our own Proto-Grove. We later left for various reasons so we no longer need the domain (but are moving most of the content to another site).

    Registered since: Fri 10/20/2006
    Expires on: Wed 10/20/2010
    Registered at: Namecheap
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    Tsalagi = Cherokee (in Cherokee) and is pronounced "Cherokee" NOT sa-la-gi!

    Site ideas for the domain:

    • Travel site to east TN (Cherokee forest) (and possibly west NC due to the Cherokee forest bordering on the nantahala forest and Cherokee NC)
      The Cherokee National Forest is located in Eastern Tennessee and stretches from Chattanooga to Bristol along the North Carolina border. The 640,000-acre forest is the largest tract of public land in Tennessee. It lies in the heart of the Southern Appalachian mountain range, one of the world's most diverse areas.
    • A site dedicated to the Cherokee Forest in general
      About 4,070,000 results for Cherokee Forest (without quotes)
    • A Native American site
    • An ADF site (as that is where all the links are from)
    • A Druidry site (as again, that is where the links are from)

    I am only pondering the sale of the domain at this time, but would really like to know it's worth, as that could certainly prompt a decision on the matter.
    My Homesteading blog is not worth reading
    My Magick site is not worth it's server space
    My Occult forum is likely something you'd not have an interest in
    My wife's Hedgewitch site is worth checking out though...

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    Considering PR and age of name I'd say you can get $30 to $50 in a good day, but not a lot more.

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