Domain Stryker pre-registration now officially open... Launch date set for later this month!

So why should you sign-up for the free newsletter over at right now?! Well, if you are interested in pre-registering for the Domain Stryker service and want to find out how you can save at least 50% on your monthly membership fees, that is one good reason Another one is that we'll award over $10,000 worth of free monthly and even yearly memberships to a few lucky winners who will be picked out at random... Are you excited or what?!

The one and only requirement in order to qualify for the drawing is that you must be subscribed to our newsletter and you have until December 6th, 2009 to do so. We will make the winner's announcement next week and the website will be closed to the public and officially re-launched as a members only service. There will be no more free lists the rest at