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Thread: Domaining Business. How to start?

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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.

    Domaining Business. How to start?

    I wish to explore the domaining..can anyone tell me:

    How much $$$ is required in the beginning??

    What factors do you keep in mind while registering or buying any domain?

    Can you share few tips that can help n00bs?? Not insider secrets, but a li'l help will do..

    Please share few links and sites that will help n00bs like me..


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    You should spend a lot of time reading everything you can about domaining before actually purchasing any domains. It's easy to waste a lot of money buying domains that you think are good but are actually not very good. Check out to see what kinds of domains are sold and how much money is paid for them.

  3. There are very many ways of making money online. The way that one chooses depends on the variety of factors. One thing to consider is the availability of time. If you have the time, then you can try businesses that require you to be engaged on a full time basis. If you do not have that time, it is good that you allow yourself to make money buying and selling domain names.
    From the statistics of businesses that are conducted online, buying and selling domain names is just one of the hot ones. The business does not require huge capital to start and can be carried out by anyone as long as marketing is in the blood or is aggressive enough to explore the opportunities in the business.
    Just imagine creating a domain name that will even appeal to your taste, thinking along how you can sell it for big money. If you are creative enough, you can create domains that are eye-catching even to the search engines. If a domain is eye-catching, the website will be easily spotted and there is likelihood that people using the search engines will easily spot the site.
    You have now to think seriously of strategies to use to make money selling domain names. You should get started by first enrolling as an affiliate marketer with a reputable online company. You can start by approaching friends and relatives with your catchy domains, and then visit small businesses and later on big giant companies. You are just a step away to make money selling domain names.

    Just something I found earlier, and it went well with this thread.

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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.
    Can anyone add more to this thread?? Do you register new domains or buy domains from others and then resell it??

    How do you find buyers for your domains??

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    Afternic organized a webinar about this subject 2 days ago but you can still view it.

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    I suck at domaining because after I buy the domains is impossible for me to let them go though I keep them hoping one day I'll have the time to develop them. And I own some domains with extreme potential, some of them 10+ years old.

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    Spend $50 to register 5 domain names, and you can start from there!

    How you ask? Just sell those 5 domain names for above $10 each and invest back the profits to register for more domain names, and repeat the whole cycle again.


  9. Start by learning first. Read and to check out the latest sales and articles.

    Don't just go on registering every single domain you can think of until you have a clear plan of what you plan to do and after you've done the proper research.

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    Read about SEO and domain flipping.

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